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Product Introduce
Robot Automatic Tag Welding System can be used for steel bar tag welding on-line after deformed deformed steel bar banding finished. It designs protective devices according to the environmental conditions of the coil labeling area. Has extremely high reliability and base maintenance rate. Multiple detection and protection measures can fully avoid equipment damage caused by equipment failure and human operation, reduce maintenance costs and improve work efficiency.
How It Works
Robot Automatic Tag Welding System adopts ABB robot and SIMENS S7-300 type PLC control system, it can realize automatic operation and manual operation. Control system can communicate with level 2, more user-friendly automatic dispatching operation.
Figure1. Working principle diagram
One steel bar bundle are put in place, the tag welding system sends stop interlocking signal to transport platform. System obtained welding stud from welding Stud delivery device, then robot move to the tag printer, the pneumatic chuck grab one tag and welding stud through the tag hole at the same time. Then the tag will be moved to the right position by machine vision system and welded on the de-bar. After finishing one bundle tag welding work, The robot will return to its original position and is ready for next cycle. If this time welding failure, system will welding again, and feedback to Level II.
The system has three work modes as following:
1) Full automatic mode: The tag welding system will communicate with L2. In this mode, system can realize tag welding automatically.
2) Semi-automatic mode: In this mode, system can realize tag welding aromatically on site.
3) Manual operation mode: The operator manual operate system by local control box.
1) Modular design, it guarantees the long service life, and low maintenance;
2) Fully automatic tag welding, positioning and real-time monitoring.
3) Multiplex detection protective measures avoid equipment damaged ,reducing maintenance costs and improving production efficiency.
4) Vision detect quickly, and can capture bar bundle position dynamically.
5) Simple and intuitive software user interface, and it can be quickly and intuitively know the equipment operating status.
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