Roku could be a state

untitled (6).jpg images (7).jpg images (8).jpg Comcast has been noted as the United States as the leading company that gives cable services. Even knowing this, it kind of unusual that they don't offer a Roku app. Ironically Time Warner happens to offer a Roku app. Roku has many options to choose from such as being able to view stuff Netflix and Hulu. Even popular stations like HBO and Showtime are available. On the other hand Time Warner Cable customers could have a big lost as well. This deal will be worth $45 billion dollars. Uncle Sam is the one that has to make the initial decision whether this deal will follow through or not. Many consumers desires Roku due to the quality and availability exhibited through HBO and a variety of other options. But the good thing about Comcast is that they offer a lot of stations as well and streaming services. Being that Apple TV, Xbox 360, Google Chromecast , Android, ios phones and tables have connections to Comcast.

From my point of view, I am not sure if this would be a bad thing for me , even though I have Time Warner Cable. Time Warner is such a expensive company for those who are on a fixed income or budget, like myself. But who is to say that Comcast is any better. The a answer I really haven't search. Maybe that will be my next search. I could simply answer my own question. Get some more knowledge on these services. Research opens the mind to new and inspiring things.


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I wish I could say that Roku is good enough to replace cable right now, and it might be close for some but it's really not for me. Maybe within a couple of years or so?

Anyway, what did you mean by "Roku could be a state" :p

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