Roku Reactivation Every Few Days - XFinity

I have 2 roku 4k devices with xfinity stream app. Both of them requires reactivation every few days. Basically, the app will start, flash something and quit. Only way is to reinstall the app and reactivate. I have to do this to both roku every few day, very annoying.

I have my own cable modem and router at home. Not sure what is going on. I saw several replies to this question from Comcast as private message to the poster, so that does not help me. Please post the answer in forum for everyone to read and fix this annoying issue. By the way I already tried, removing the app on both roku, rebooting roku, reinstalling xfinity stream app and reactivating but no joy there, still the same issue.

This question, "Roku Reactivation Every Few Days," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television Apps.

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