Roku to offer IPO - Go Public?

Thomas G

Looks like Roku might be considering an IPO and be traded on the stock exchange in 2014. More money would certainly help boost their R&D but I wonder why they'd want to do it now? Maybe they're going to acquisition some other technologies or companies? Seems like they could do just fine without an IPO for now.

Roku Said to Be Weighing Initial Public Offering in 2014 - Bloomberg

In May 2013, Roku received $60 million in new funding from Hearst Corp. and an unidentified institutional investor. They joined Menlo Ventures, News Corp., British Sky Broadcasting Group Plc (BSY) and others backers who previously financed the company.

Wood said in an interview at the time that the company had sufficient cash and that going public was “not a priority for us right now.”


Why does any company go public? If any of us on here were astute business peeps, with working knowledge of what's going on in the streaming TV industry, I'm sure we could put together a solid answer. Until then, it's all speculation.