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We just signed up for Xfinity stream and have two Roku Premier devices setup. The problem we are experiencing is that randomnly the Xfinity Stream App doesn't launch all the way. When you start the app it begins to start up and then just quits bringing you back to the main Roku Screen. I have tried rebooting the Roku and it does the same. I have even pulled the power on it seeing if it would work after a hard reboot. The only thing that gets it working again is if I delete the app on the Roku and re-install it then register the device with Xfinity again. Has anyone else had this issue? The Roku software is up to date as well as the Xfinity Stream App. The Xfinity Stream app won't let us do anything until we delete, re-install and re-register. This has happned on both of our TV's. When registering the app I make sure to give each their own unique name when setting them up.

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