Russell Wilson's ankle injury bad but still plans to play Sunday


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I was anxious to see what Russell Wilson would do if his entire team "took a knee" during the singing of the National Anthem.

You know, I have always respected Wilson with his Christian views...and true to form, I have gained even more respect for him and his team now!

I don't know what is in the hearts of every single Seattle player, but no matter, they had enough respect to go about things a different way and still stand.

In this day of negativity...I strongly ENCOURAGE anyone interested in what is going on in the NFL, to read this article. It shows there IS a different, more RESPECTFUL way to do things.

Plus Wilson added a prayer with other players. Much respect! A side was reported that if a player was caught by the NFL wearing cleats in memory of 9-11...they would be fined. If that is true, it really shows the kind of people running the NFL...and I will still not watch.

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