Russia invades Georgia


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Russia invading Georgia. How crazy is that yesterday was completley different as compared to today. The UN meets today to decide what to do. Bush issues a stern speech. If nothing works could we be on the brink of another forty year cold war, or even worse WWIII considering the US and Russia have completley different allies. This is nuts
I believe that nothing will happen and Russia will turn away. Too much of England relies on russian oil and thier dependence on the oil increases every year. This will make for a big increase on the price of oil per barrell. Since Russia has nuclear technology we should stand back and let the europeans deal with the Europeans.

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Russia needs to learn a lesson. We can't just stand back and let this happen that would be crazy. They need to know that thier are consequences to thier actions. They need to know that this is a disgrace to thier country. It hurts me to know that there is a soveriegn nation under attack over land. We do not need another Russian empire.


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I doubt the U.S. will do anything major (ex: Launch A War Against Russia Or Anything Atleast Not Any Time Soon). Im sure russia will stop soon. As I dont see A big cause for their war. I think they will get what they want from Georgia.

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The problem is we are showing them that they can get away with these actions. Its like if you have a kid and you tell them don't do that, but nothing else then they keep doing it. Russia needs something to happen to them i would perfer france england and germany do it.


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I spent most part of the day outside home and then, after getting back, I found that Russia agreed to Georgia ceasefire.

This action reminded me the Persian Gulf War in the early 1990s when media was broacasting the news just like if it were a TV-show rather than a serious problem.

That war spanned for a year, at least this takeover didn't last that long for the sake of innocent people.