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We've had Direct TV for many, many years and we're satisifed customers. Problems have been minimal, almost non-existent for the number of years we've used them. Reception is very good, and the HD is remarkable. Only negative - a bit pricey, but all in all, well worth it.

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Happiness with your company is definatley worth the price i feel as though 10 extra bucks is worth the service. Hence the reason i use blockbuster for my movie rentals it is totally worth the price which is very reasonable i like the on-line movie rentals cause i can return them to the store as well as via the mail try it it is totally worth it.


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And that is why I think their prices are to high. I think sat tv is really a niche market anyway. Interent TV is the way of the future and sat communications just can provide enough bandwidth to play internet based HDTV.


I prefer internet telivison as well. I'm not going to pay the highest prices for television service and deal with this problem. And it is a problem that is always going to be there too.


I do like my directv service. The only time our service seems to go down is when a tropical storm/hurricane or a severe thunderstorm is over us...other than that our reception is pretty good. I do agree that it is a bit pricey after the first year. But I can deal with that...I just hope that the prices don't go up even more because I don't know if I will be able to afford it if it keeps going up.


I have had DirectTV for a little over two years and do enjoy the variety of channels they offer. If anything there are too many channels to choose from. Reception has always been good. The only problem I run into is when it is really windy, this seems to affect the signal.
I do like Directv overall. I've had a few problems with them, but they have always been taken care of immediately. I wouldn't switch cable companies at all...but the price is starting to get up there, that is my only complaint.


I'm thinking of going to Direct TV after having had Time Warner for a long time. We currently have a bundle of cable, phone and Roadrunner. Does anyone who's had Direct TV have a bundle service and is it worth it, price wise?


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Years ago when I had Direct tv it was much cheaper than cable ever thought of being. I always thought of Satelite as a better choice than cable.I cannot believe how expensive cable has gotten over the years.