SB6190 will need a firmware fix - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "SB6190 will need a firmware fix", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. There's a very interesting article over at "The Register" regarding the Intel Puma 6 used in the Arris SB6190 (and others). I'd post a link to it, but the Social Media team seems inclined to remove end-user posted links. An easy way to find the article is to point your web browser at, then search for SB6190, you'll find one article from December 3 "Why your gigabit broadband lags like hell - blame Intel's chipset".

Given TWC's track record with cable modem firmware updates, you might be waiting a very long time to see a fix come out, so it's probably best not to buy a SB6190 for use on the TWC/Spectrum cable system.

This topic covered SB6190 will need a firmware fix, and TWC cable internet service.

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