Scheduled recording help!



I can't stand this Xfinity stuff.
1. How do we record one channel of a show ONE time a day? I can only get it to record ALL the showings of the show EVERYTIME it's on in that channel. I only want ONE per day. When it's a repeat episode choice.
Other companies have a choice of once per day, one time or everytime it's on.
2. If a recording is set for ONE channel how do we get another channel to also record it? The menu only lets me choose the previous channel or all HD, SD. Example, set for discHD but go to ch8 and select record all it only shows dscHD as a choice not dsc SD #8.
3. If have several episodes recorded how do we easily go from the one we are watching to next recording? Especially if it's NOT next by episode number? I've tried every possible voice command and anything including the word "next" shows me a dumb movie with same name. "view recordings" just makes me start from the top of the list then have to scroll down to program. Old provider just hit "next" button, asks delete then starts next one recorded. How do we do that with Xfinity?
4. How do we find out if we have a show scheduled for the future when it's not on yet. Like upcoming episodes of a new season that is currently off the air? Did I set it to record during last season before I got Xfinity? It only schedules 2 weeks ahead so how do I set a recording? Old provider let us set manual recordings as far in the future as we wanted.

This Xfinity equipment makes me feel like I'm using a Beta VCR on a all tube TV! So slow. So easy to lock up with to fast button presses. Replay to see missed closed captioning and it sticks that dumb timeline on top of the text, very ignorant. Hitting skip for the 30 second that I had to change myself also causes that dumb timeline to show up and block screen. Even pause sticks a HUGE black circle right in the middle of the screen, "duh I'm glad it did that cuz I couldn't tell the picture froze if it hadn't of told me".
The least they could do is post a serious How To.
If anyone can help solve these problems myself and my family would be so grateful.

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