Science Fiction Theatre


This is one of those old time TV shows I'd like to see on DVD someday soon. The show aired for two seasons and ran from 1955-1957. It was hosted by a fellow named Truman Bradley and was one of those rare birds that started out in color for the first season and went to black/white during it's second season (this would be the third series I know of that went from color to B/W instead of the other way around).

Luckily the entire series appears to be available on Youtube but unfortunately many episodes (if not all) have been edited down and the picture quality, while not bad, isn't as pristine as it could be. Hopefully there are still some archive worthy copies of the show in existence so that maybe sometime soon it will come out on a legitimate DVD.

Here's a Youtube episode from season one. Check out the "Sonic Broom" as it's pretty close to what we have nowadays.


BTW, I wasn't around for the original airing of the series. Just sayin'. :)
Thanks for this tip and those useful links! I myself have always thought contemporary television is sorely missing sci-fi/horror anthology theaters. The season-long anthologies of True Detective and American Horror Story just don't cut it for me, I'm afraid. A want a new and different masterpiece every week. It's time for our generation's Night Gallery!


I want a new and different masterpiece every week. It's time for our generation's Night Gallery!
It would be great to have another horror/sci-fi anthology series on TV. An on-screen host to introduce each episode could be great too.

I tried to watch the Outer Limits remake from several years ago but didn't care for it. It was just too hard to follow the plot line of each episode as they were overly complicated IMO.

Now back in the 80's there was a remake of Alfred Hitchcock Presents that I really enjoyed. Too bad it isn't on DVD either because you know they have great copies available for release so it's kind of surprising that the series hasn't seen the light of day after so many years.