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I need some help in choosing an outdoor antenna suitable for my location. I live near the top of a mountain in the smoky mountains. The closest and strongest stations to me in the direction of the mountaintop beside my house. To get an antenna above the top of the mountain will require an antenna mast of at least 60 feet - probably even higher. What would you recommend for an outdoor antenna and amplifier for this location with a cable run of about 120ft to get to the distribution point? I have included the information from for your reference.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Your signals are a mix of high VHF, and UHF. Many of the signals that are likely desired are not real strong. I suggest the Winegard HD7698P or HD7697P. You could consider building a two antenna system using separate high VHF and UHF antennas combined with a UVSJ. The Stellar Labs 30-2475, or 30-2476 from MCM electronics can be combined with a high gain UHF antenna.
For pre-amp I would suggest the Channel Master 7778, or RCA TVPRAMP1R. I would avoid the Channel Master 7777 it has been known to create more problems than it solves.

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Regarding amplifiers, I receive a channel from 75 miles away, split to 4 rooms using NO amplifiers and my coax runs are between 115 and 130 feet. You also may be able to avoid using amplifiers, so test directly to ONE TV first and then split the signals.