Set ID?

Trying to identify this set from an old photograph. Can any experts out there ID this set?
It's the TV I watched as a kid and I'd love to determine what make it was. (early to mid 1950s).
Yea, that would have made it easier for sure. This is a cropped image, so it's blown up from the original photo. I've perused Google Images to no avail. I also did a quick and somewhat sloppy Photoshop version by cloning the existing half of the TV and cobbling together a speculation of what the set looked like. Thanks for the reply, MrPogi.

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Captain Duck,

The guys on the VideoKarma Forum say its a 57-59 GE. One person suggested it might have been a special version such as for a Hospital because it has casters. They have photos of similar sets but not your exact model.


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