Shorter coaxial, worse reception?


Hi all. This is my first post.

I cut the chord a few months ago, and am loving it.

Finally I got everything outside my house finished, so I was able to hide the coaxial cable.

Once done, I realized I had 20 extra feet of cable. So I cut it off.

After doing so, I actually have worse reception! Probably about 3dB worse than it was before.

I double checked my coaxial head. Everything seems like it's hooked up perfect.

Is this normal? I thought longer cable resulted in db loss?

No it is not normal. Poorly, or incorrectly installed coax connectors are quite common, and probably cause a lot of the reception problems I read about on the forum. Coax should be tested for continuity, and shorts using an ohm meter, or low voltage continuity tester before installation.
A single strand of braid out of place can cause a short. To tight of a bend in the coax can also cause problems. I've done more than my share of poorly installed connectors, and have sometimes found store bought pre-made coax to be defective.
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