Should You Follow TV Talk Show Doctor's Medical Advice?


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Yes, I admit it. I not only watch The Dr. Oz Show and The Doctors, but I do take their medical recommendations. Sometimes, and always with a grain of salt. Although not much salt, because it's bad for my blood pressure, amongst other things. That's according to the TV Doctor shows. And according to my own physician. I think it is worthwhile to consider some of the new or unconventional ideas shared on The Dr. Oz Show and The Doctors with an open mind.

The problem is that I can see who the sponsors are, what the shows recommend, and the things they give away. Just like political contributions affect politician's votes, TV sponsors DO have an effect on what these shows recommend to their viewers. Dr Oz’s Television show has recently come under fire in the British Medical Journal, which published a study entitled “Televised medical talk shows—what they recommend and the evidence to support their recommendations: a prospective observational study.” The researchers looked at the Dr. OZ Show’s medical advice and compared it to medical research. What they found may surprise you!

Do you watch either of these shows? And if you do, do you follow their medical advice?


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I have to add that my grandfather and mother and I are all on low sodium diets. So the advice from the TV doctors and our own doctors is the same. My point? They are all doctors, and in general give advice that is good. However, always talk to YOUR doctor first!

As for me, I can't afford to go running to the doctor every time I have a question or a minor problem. For that I have books and RELIABLE medical websites. You can find a PDF of reliable medical websites HERE.

Thomas G

There are many shows and websites that offer advice and promote products, whom also receive paid support from the very products they're talking about. I'm just surprised to see someone like Dr Oz, a medical professional caught up in the same type of scandal.


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The Doctors give away a lot of sponsored products - a lot more than Dr. Oz.
And I often wonder how many of the doctors you see endorsing products on TV ads are really licensed doctors - and how much they are paid. Just because you graduated from medical school doesn't mean you are licensed!
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