Simple transformer wrapping question!

I have a really nice organ that needs a new transformer, or someone to re wrap it. This may be a long thread. First I need to know if I should seal the plates with shellac insulation before I put the bobbin on it. Second this transformer has multiple voltages it is delivering. It is supposed to deliver 35v 12v 9v and 5v. It is a big transformer about 5" x 5" and the original wrapping was machine wrapped. I still have the original plates. It goes in a Gulbransen Equinox 2 solid state Musicomputer, without cassette recorder. The organ originally sold for over 3000 and I really want to get it put back together again. It had a thyristor in the leslie set that was bad, and a couple of bad voltage regulators on the main board. This area is notorious for thunder and lightning, and the transformer was melted up pretty good. I think it was hit by a strike of lightning!
Anybody want a challenge!?!!??