Simple.TV Kickstarter Deals $200 & $300


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Simple.TV's innovative take on the over-the-air DVR made a splash at CES 2012, winning CNET's Best of CES award in the home theater category. Now the company has turned to Kickstarter, looking to raise $125,000 before the product launches this summer.

While Simple.TV's concept of streaming and recording over-the-air TV hasn't changed (read my initial CES story for more information), Kickstarter is making some attractive bundles available to project backers. For $200, you'll get the Simple.TV box, a full year of advanced EPG data and remote streaming capabilities, a Mohu antenna and a Simple.TV T-shirt -- a pretty good deal, considering the Simple.TV box itself will sell for $150. For $300, Simple.TV will also throw in a Roku XD and a lifetime premium subscription.
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Simple.TV Pros:

One of the few OTA DVR options.
Can use a Roku as an extender.

Simple.TV Cons:

Only single tuner.
Must supply external harddrive.
Subscription guide.

If Simple.TV would add a second tuner and an advertiser supported (free) guide I'd probably bite. At this point I think building a Media Center PC with a HDhomerun would be better (too many times when there are two shows on I want to record). I'm sure the ease of use of the Simple.TV and the ability to use low cost Rokus as extenders will be a selling point for many people.
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