Sing Your Face Off - New Show


There's a new show starting May 31 on ABC, called Sing Your Face Off. Five celebrities will be "trained to perform as a musical icon." The "celebs" are pretty much d-listers, like those celebrity skating and diving and living-in-houses-together shows (and Dancing with the Stars, before it was able to attract better talent) and the concept sounds really really bad. However, I'm really tempted to watch just because John Barrowman is hosting, and I'm a huge fan of his.

And, without seeing a single second of the show... I predict the requisite Disney Channel star, China Anne McClain, will win...

What do you think of this show idea? Will it be just plain bad... so bad it's good (for hate-watching)... or will it surprise me and actually be decent?


So it's dancing with the stars but instead of dancing its singing?

And instead of stars it's d-listers?

Why would anyone want to watch this?
Barrowman's had an interesting career trajectory. I don't think when he was hosting British kid's TV in the 90s, he could have imagined being an American network TV star. It's strange how many of our washed-up celebrities get a second chance in the US. The same is happening with Caprice right now.