Site Outage Announcement: 1-21-09

Jason Fritz

Staff member
DTVUSAForum experienced a site outage from 3:05AM MST to 9:35AM MST on 1-21-09. We apologize for the inconvenience. At this point, all signs point to a hosting error which is quite unusual with our top tier provider. Further details will be announced as we investigate more. Thanks again for your patience. Special (seriously) thanks to Moderator: Trip for waking me up this morning with a Google Message. ;)

Jason Fritz

Staff member
Someone recommended DreamHost to that a good hosting service?
I think they use Bluehost for their main provider of hosting services which is a reputable company. I've used hostmonster (and still continue to do so for other sites) who also uses Bluehost....and have had relatively few issues over the past 2 years.

Just a small warning, any shared host that sells "Unlimited Bandwidth" usually declares a caveat in the fine print about CPU usage. If you ever plan on starting a forum and your traffic exceeds 15-20 users at a time....they'll throttle the CPU on your server and knock you offline. Blogs use less CPU depending on the amount of plugins.
It shocked me as i had absolutely no way to contact anyone. mod, admin, no one. i had no email address for Jay or any member. i had no access. i could go to a 'cached' model of DTVUSA Forum on but when clicking a link for 'contact us' the big '404' came up instead.

i went all over facebook, joined the DTVUSA group, then realized i had no way to comment there, so i had to resort to my worst enemy, **TWITTER** Oh the horror! then i had to figure out how on earth to 'tweet' directly to jay. twice it only showed up on my own tweet page, then i finally got through. whew!

I wasn't sure if anyone was in the same boat or had any way to contact anyone here. i figured a few possibilities: 1) a huge DoS attack, 2) a virus deleted the site from its host, or 3) the domain was shut down due to a 'domain squatter' type of issue and got up for grabs...


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I tried several times myself to get on. I thought about sending you an email but since I hadn't heard back from the last one figured maybe something was going on. I'm just glad the know the ole place is still here. ;}