So how is the job hunting, health care, etc going?


I know some here are looking for work, pulling to make ends meet. Has anyone seen signs of improvement in job market? I hear many people do not even get a rejection e-mail or call. Just silence. I see jobs but everyone says competition is fierce.


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Still unemployed.
In the "new age" of job hunting, everyone wants you to apply online. This really sucks, I used to be able to walk into a place, fill out an application - and often I would get an "on the spot" interview, maybe even get hired that day. Even worse, many employers want you to submit your social security number online! Hey, great idea... now I've revealed my SS# to hundreds of people for no reason.

As far as medical, having recently moved, my kids have medicaid - in the state we moved from, and I have health insurance that's only good if I drive 100 miles back to that state. And I don't want to change it at this time, since open enrollment starts in November and this state is rolling out a new system soon.

On the bright side, I did have 2 interviews this month, and I have enough cash to last a while before things get ugly...


Do some volunteer work. Add your experience in the field. I have been in collection and billing for about 6 years and I just finished school. Dont give up. That the worst thing that you can do..