So what's your avatar about?


I decided to get one after being a faceless guy with a fair post count. Anyway, mine is the Merchant from Resident Evil 4. He doesn't have a storyline role, but his accent and his line of "Got a selection of good things for sale, stranga'!" made him quite the icon, considering he sells loads of weaponry to make a quick buck.
It does now:

Mine reflects one of my favorite of classic Sci-Fi series, Battlestar Galactica. the original one. at first i never was aware of there ever being an original incarnation and my first foray with Galactica was the newer series which in my opinion was all stupid and had no way to follow. like a lot of TV today, it was centered around 'desires' that i won't mention here. either way i later caught what i thought was the same series and was dreading it but at that time it being the only thing on i stayed with it. i was suddenly in love with Galactica and wondered why was that? upon hitting INFO i discovered it was an episode dated '1978' and i was at first confused. was the 'newer' Galactica some old 70's relic or new? i later found out that Glen Larson, the genius behind Knight Rider in '82, created this version of Galactica in the late 70s and now that i know, i still only recognize the 70s version as the best. not on nostalgia since i wasn't around in '78 but just from my personal love of campy shows. it was a really great show and had dazzling effects considering the lack of CGI and computer-animation, and just looks better seeing as more work was put into shows then.

For Star Wars fans, this show had a lot of similarities. in fact Glen Larson was sued because it looked so much like Star Wars. the suit fell through though.