SolidSignal raises price on DTVPal Plus to $69.99

Lurker Lee

Geeze :huh:, so much for the speculation that costs would go down. I just looked at my online order for the DTVPal Plus. It was $53.99 plus $9.95 S&H; that was in May.


Super Moderator
It is by far the best over all CECB on the market. Probably the only one still sought after beside those that like the Insignia

Now buying on on Ebay for $30 with shipping seems cheap. Glad I bought one back when. I use mine many anymore to keep track of DX stations. Since Jacksonville raised their power on VHF, it no longer is any better than my Mitsubishi TV. So I leave in a "digital pass through" mode. Turn in on to DX from the bedroom. That way I don't mess up the bedroom TV with a lot of DX stations scanning.

I can also turn it one to use it's guide as there isn't a computer in the bedroom to look up TV guide schedules.