Something Changed in the Guide??



I have an XG1V4 abd ab XG3. Beginning sometime late Friday (11/20) or Saturday I noticed a change in the way the guide was presented. I normally have it set to "free to me" and when I open the guide it starts with the channel I am watching as the first listing with 4 more below. Friday night I was watching A&E HD (channel 1402) and when i opened the guide it showed channels 2 - 5 which are local SD channels. Scrolling up to the HD channels showed only a few of the ones I normally get (A&E wasn't even listed even though it was playing in the background), I then changed the guide view to HD only which brought back my normal HD channels, but now doesn't show the few SD channels I sometimes watch.

"Something Changed in the Guide??," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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