Sony BDP-S590 3D Blu-ray Player

The Sony BDP-S590 3D player is a Blu-ray player that is equipped to play 3D content, but it works equally well for 3D-enabled televisions or non-3D tvs.

The Sony BDP-S590 3D player has full high definition video, making this one of the best pictures that you can get for watching movies at home.

Streaming is easy, since you can stream content from the Web — and there is even a Netflix button on the remote control. The multichannel sound build into the player means that the experience of movie watching is as close to a theater experience as possible: Just as in a theater, the sounds are multi-layered and come from different directions.

The BDP-S590 is equipped with a basic Web browser that can be accessed from the Home menu. The “Socialize” social viewing and sharing application is included on the Web browser menu. This proprietary Sony program allows users to share their thoughts and experiences about movies and other media with friends via either Facebook or Twitter.

For those with an older style HDTV with only component inputs, the BDP-S590 lacks a component output, a potential drawback. Also, this unit does not include a HDMI cable. While the user manual is brief, Sony support is famously good so this is not a significant drawback.

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