Sony DVPSR510H DVD Player Review - Ultra Slim and Ultra Cheap

If you are searching for an affordable DVD player, without having to invest in Blue-Ray options, the Sony DVPSR510H offers everything you need for a DVD player for less than $41 at Amazon.

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This is not an expensive system with all of the big bell and whistles, but there really is no need for such frills. The system is simple to operate and is well laid out with simple buttons and controls. The upscaling options are available through the HDMI port makes it easier to use and give you access to more options and greater playback. The 'resume' feature comes in handy during pausing and is great for those who have to start and stop a movie several times before finishing.

The small size and compact structure of the DVD player makes it great for those who are limited on available space. The Sony DVPSR510H is the size of a small notebook computer, and only a little thicker. The system measures 8.3 x 10 x 1.3 inches and weights around 2.5 pounds. It is super easy to use with just four buttons and the remote is just as simple and well laid out.

This is a great system for the technically challenged! The DVD player has a certified energy star rating and works well with HDMI, Analog, and Digital outputs.
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