Sparking ground on outside splitter..



So Ive been having intermitten outages with my Internet and Cable. Comcast tech came out and found coming from the pole to my house splitter the ground wire is sparking when being connected. The ground is wired to a connected on the electric meter box. They were using some kind of meter "FDT I believe he said" to test the cable line if it was energized. The meter was reading high until I we unplugged the surge protector that the cable box and modem was plugged into. I replaced the power strip with a brand new one and the issue came back. Internet works but still goes out forafew seconds, but the cable box no longer works at all and was unable to be reset by Comcast. Any idea what could be wrong?

"Sparking ground on outside splitter..," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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