Spectrum 210a box & resolution - Time Warner TV

This question is about "Spectrum 210a box & resolution", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. I am new to Spectrum and just had the TV and box installed today.

I cannot set the resolution on the new Spectrum box. I can get into it through the settings, but it will not allow me to check the box for any of the 4 to 5 choices that are present. I want to check 1080i as I have a 4K set and 1080i should be the easy choice...but it will not allow me to to check any of the boxes and it the picture is somehow defaulted to 720p. (although the box for 720p and none of the other boxes are checked and cannot be checked. Anyone have a fix for this.? I am also having a hard time setting up the DVR with a series when not already in the guide. Setting up first run shows to record from the guide is easy..but shows I cannot find in the guide--I can't seem to set up even using the search. Thanks for the help.

This topic covered Spectrum 210a box & resolution, and TWC cable tv service.