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This question is about "Spectrum disables wifi if I use my normal SSID", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I'm having the same issue as this post. I would reply on that post, but for some reason I can't.

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This morning, my 2.5G and 5G wireless networks both shut down on my Technicolor modem/router. I called support; they reset to factory and it worked again. They re-established my SSIDs and password, and the wifi shut off again. So they reset to factory and left it that way, with a service call to replace my faulty equipment.

When the network is shut off, I see the following message:

network SSID is disabled and the Wi-Fi radio is disabled (by mso/snmp)

I doubt it's faulty equipment. I changed the SSID/password back to my original on the 5G, and it promptly shut that off (within a minute or three.) I could no longer manage that network or change it back to the factory settings, even factory-resetting the modem. Thanks to seeing the item posted above plus the "snmp" clue, I disconnected the modem from the coax cable and did a factory reset, which restored the 5G network to factory.

I changed the 5G SSID to a new one, and it works. So, clearly, TWC/Spectrum is actively disabling my SSID remotely.

Why the heck would they do that and how can I fix it? I'd rather not have to reconnect all my devices to the new SSID.

Yes, I realize I should get my own router (feel free to recommend a good one for a big house but low bandwidth requirements.) Meanwhile I'd like to find out why they shut down my SSIDs. Is some device infected and they did this for protection? (If so they REALLY need to work on customer communication!)


Spectrum disables wifi if I use my normal SSID?