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This question is about "Spectrum Earthlink Legacy TWC account future", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I have had Earthlink provisioned over TWC/Spectrum for 11-years with no changes to that account during this period. Currently I get about 75MB/sec throughput and the TV channel lineup we have are both satisfactory for our useage . In order to fulfill or TV useage, we would need a Gold package, adding premium channels we do not desire at an increase in cost. I understand that any changes we would make to our account, like dropping Earthlink in favor of Spectrum Internet would trigger a drop of our Legacy TWC package, forcing us into the Spectrum Gold TV package.

I believe that the agreement between Earthlink and Spectrum is ending. As thing have eveolved, we now have no real reason, or need to maintain the Earthlink account and its email addresses. We would be happy if we could request a simple change of our cablemodem provisioning directly into the Spectrum system keeping our current level of service and cost. That, however, does not seem possible.

It would seem that, at some point, Spectrum will completely cease all provisioning of Earthlink over their system and make changes to our account. We have received no indication from either Earthlink or Spectrum that this will occur, when it may happen, or any details as to what it may entail. I feel certain that Spectrum account reps can offer up anything more than merely offering to upgrade our service (and raise our bill).

In actuality, our account was originally established 40-some-odd years ago, without interruption from Rogers, to Paragon, to TWC and now Spectrum. The last time I actually spoke with a rep, they had a hard time locating our account information. Not entirely unrelated, we also have a CableCard / TA tuner system, whose provisioning is quite sensitive to account changes. I plan on doing nothing and simply waiting to see what happens.

I expect no answers, as I suspect nobody really knows any details. Neither does anyone at Earthlink.

Spectrum Earthlink Legacy TWC account future?