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This question is about "Spectrum RAC2V1S missing function", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I am a long time TWC customer, over 15 years. I recently switched my account from an old TWC plan to a Spectrum plan. First of all, I am saving $150 per month with practically the same set of services (internet, TV, phone line), except the internet is even faster. That's a bunch of months that I paid too much. I wish I had known to call sooner.

With the new Spectrum plan, I was required to change equipment. The old equipment was a Ubee router/modem combination. The Spectrum plan uses an Arris cable modem plus a separate router. The router is branded Spectrum RAC2V1S, but it is a Sagemcom F@st 5280. You cannot find documentation for this router. Thankfully, one of the moderators on this forum pointed me to some help for configuring port forwarding.

When I changed the account plans, Spectrum overnighted the new equipment to me, with no directions and no timetable. I expected to install the new modem and router, then call for activation. Not so. Spectrum reprovisioned my service without warning during the middle of a work day while my old equipment was still installed. Obviously, the internet and phone stopped working. I had to drop everything and begin to set up the new modem and router, plus software configuration for the router and my devices.

The router works well for what it does. With speedtest.net on a wired connection, I can get 420M down and 23M up. I can set up a 2.4G wifi and a 5G wifi. That's about it. The port forwarding is clunky. VLANs are not supported. NAT loopback is not supported. I have been unable to get the router to recognize my bridged access point, which worked great with the old Ubee. So, if you have a minimal home network with a few wifi devices, the Spectrum equipment is fine. I have requirements for VLANs, QOS, full NAT support, port forwarding, additional access points, etc. I am not running web servers to the internet, but I do have cameras and file servers and other equipment that I need to access from anywhere. I understand that I am not paying for a high function business service with technical support and SLAs. However, the Spectrum provided equipment is a step backwards. Yes, I am getting more speed for less money, but I am sacrificing function that I need.

I asked my local Spectrum store if I could get a better router. They said "there isn't one". Looks like it is time for me to purchase my own router. I'm sure that some of you must be power users more than I am. I would appreciate your recommendations for a high function 1G (or faster) router that works well with the Arris TM1602 cable modem.



Spectrum RAC2V1S missing function?