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I recently moved into a new home that was prewired for coaxial cable. On the initial installation, the Comcast technician only connected two of the room lines (that terminate in my garage) to the feed line coming in through the garage wall via a splitter. I still have 4 room lines that are not connected that the technician capped off with blue dead-end caps. Ultimately, I would like to have all (6) of the feeds going to my room jacks connected to the feed line coming from the outside.

I know very little about splitters but do know there are different frequency ranges and signal loss associated with using a splitter. Can anyone tell me if it would be possible to replace the 1:2 splitter that the technician installed with a 1:6 splitter so that each of my rooms jacks are "live." What type of splitter should I look for?

Would there be any disadvantage to doing this? At this point I will not be using all of the jacks, however, I would like to be able to potentially use them in the future. But, I don't want to diminish the signal quality coming into my home as we use the Xfinity feed for gigabit internet and TV.

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