Stand-Up Comedians?


My parents love stand-up comedy. A lot. I've been home for Spring Break for a few days and we've watched all three of Brian Regan's dvd things. My dad was in tears for 90% of those things.

Does anyone have any other suggestions for Stand-Up comedians to watch? I don't know many. Preferably clean humor, or somewhat clean (Clearly. I'm with my parents?) If they're similar to Brian Regan, my dad would love you forever. Or love me for listening to you.
For clean, family humor: Bill Cosby!

You can just pull up YouTube and put his name in the search box.

Also, Don Rickles, Jonathan Winters, Larry Miller... I want to say Buddy Hackett, but you said clean. ;) Wait! How about Jerry Seinfeld?



I was thinking Comedy Central when I posted this, but looking at this thread it might be better suited for the "Off-Topic" forums. Oh well.

It's funny that you mentioned Bill Cosby, because since I posted this my dad showed me a Bill Cosby thing called "Himself" that he remembered. It was an almost 2-hour long oldie, and you're right Rickideemus, it was very clean.

I'll be checking all the rest of those out (even Buddy Hackett by myself). Thanks guys, I appreciate all of the suggestions!
Bill Cosby and Jerry Seinfeld are great suggestions! Both comedians are militant about not having obscenities in their acts so they are guaranteed to be clean and yet their observations are invariably laugh-out loud funny. Try Steve Harvey as well. There's some minor swearing and slightly risque stuff in his act, but it's mostly clean and very relatable stuff, not to mention hilarious.


I actually don't like Jerry Seinfeld's stand up very much. I love the show, probably because the "situations" that he talks about are funnier when acted than when talked about.

I've made a list of your guys' suggestions. Thanks again, people!
Not always. His album from 1969 titled 8:15 - 12:15 is an exception but nothing he said is shocking, by today's standards.
8:15 12:15 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Oh, c'mon! You peeps up in Washington were that far behind the times in '69?? Tail end of the sixties??? I think he said "damn" ONCE (shudder). :becky: