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I never upgraded to Vista and never will, so I am not sure how this applies to Vista. However, I don't even believe this is OS dependent, as this trick probably works in Linux and OS10 as well.

I also don't use IE and seldom use Opera, so anyone that can show this trick in those browsers please add it.

The point of this help is those that are on a private computer that want to permanently stay logged in to, even if you turn the computer off. Permanent is relative, as most long term cookies last a year, so the entire procedure is to make your cookies for this site only remain in Firefox, since we know (hope?) it's a safe site!

Step 1

From the Menu bar in Fx (Firefox) choose Tools > Options > Privacy Tab.

Step 2

Note the settings in the above image. They are not all default settings.
To even see the screen first change "Firefox will:" to "Use custom settings for history" Now you screen should look the same.

Step 3

The settings that matter here these, and the others are for other changes and options not related to staying logged in. This is the list:

Automatically start Firefox in a private browsing session

Accept cookies from sites

(as an Aside, it's a good idea to uncheck Accept third-party cookies though it won't affect login) (also a good idea to set Kept until: I close Firefox

Step 4

Click Exceptions and you will see a screen like:

Simply copy or type in the base URL of the site you want into "Address of web site:" to keep cookies when you close Firefox. Then Click Allow.

You should see the site's URL added to the list with a Status of Allow.

Note: I added both the www and non www versions. This is only needed if you log in both ways. As a safety, I just put them both in the box. Also if you visit a forum that uses a subdomain, such as, you need to put the subdomain in the Address of web site: , not the main URL. In this example you would put in the Address of web site:

Once you see the sites you want with a status of Allow, click Close

Then on the Options > Privacy window Click OK

Now Firefox is set to remember the cookies from the sites in the Exceptions list.


One more very important Step done on the website.

To be sure the cookies are set correctly, go to and:

1) Log out if already logged in
2) Log in and VERY IMPORTANT, check the box that says Remember Me.

You MUST check the box Remember Me, otherwise, regardless of your browser settings, DTVUSAForum will set a cookie in your browser that will ALWAYS EXPIRE when you close your browser.

Remember Me MUST be checked.

Now to test it, totally close all browser windows and then reopen Firefox, go to and you should remain logged in.




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Yeah, that works anywhere. Look for 'remember me' or 'keep me signed in' or anything similar to that. If you do ever clear cookies, it will go away. Some sites are also set up to 'reset' you after a specified time period as well, like 48 hours or a week. It varies.


A side note regarding privacy: Even if you have Firefox set to dump all other cookies when you close it, Macromedia Flash Player now has a way to store hidden cookies of your browsing history in its directories, indefinitely. Directory location varies with different operating systems.

On Linux, the two hidden folders where the flash cookies are stored are:
/home/username/.macromedia/Flash_Player/#SharedObjects/PJVYRLQY <--randomly named folder

Emptying those two folders and then setting the permissions to read only access will block flash player from storing cookies in them.
Not sure how to disable the flash cookies or where they are stored, in windows or mac machines. You can find them by searching your hard drive for: *.sol

Google flash player cookies for more info.


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Yeah, that works anywhere. Look for 'remember me' or 'keep me signed in' or anything similar to that. If you do ever clear cookies, it will go away. Some sites are also set up to 'reset' you after a specified time period as well, like 48 hours or a week. It varies.
Oh yeah, it works most places, just don't do it for your bank! Only sites where security is more to stop spammers than anyone getting on your account, like this site.

You can tell in Firefox how long the cookie lasts. Go back to this screen:

Click the button Show Cookies, and then highlight a site, then highlight a cookie and you can read the expiration date. This forum sets log in cookies for one year. So after a year one day you will have to put in your password.
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Actually, I like to use a program that saves passwords. It's so much easier. It signs me in everywhere in a split second. You can't beat that! ;}
I had one of those but it ended up being malware. it was called 'Gator'. a lot of those convenience-ware is nothing but spyware behind the scenes.

I can browse and stay logged in just fine---until i restart the machine (when our router drops the internet my laptop refuses to 'see' it, even after it's back, until a restart) then upon loading the browser i have to log in here again. that's here , yahoo, flickr, myspace, all work fine. just not this site. it only started in the last week or two.


Yahoo, flickr, myspace, etc. are probably tracking you through Flash cookies that are permanently stored on your hard drive. This site probably doesn't.
this site used to work until a few weeks ago. then it works as long as i don't have to restart (even if i exit it stays logged-in) but if the internet drops i have to manually restart the entire machine to get it back (my Acer won't reconnect i don't know why it's on DHCP and automatic settings?) and if i then load the browser after a reboot it makes me login with my username/password even though the box is already checked from the last time (still checked when needing to relogin)

Could be a router issue. i've 'lost' posts when it seemed to go through and showed a refreshed page so i thought it posted the reply only to find out later it was a cached version and my reply never got past the router.

The router is at a hotspot i don't own and i have no control over it or its crap. it's a A-only router and i've used a G and N card.