Stream app only shows purchases on roku and phones - XFinity

2 months ago I switched accounts at the same address. (Closed one under my name and opened one under wife's name) Somehow the 2 accounts must've gotten linked behind the scenes bc my stream app worked with new account for 45 days then reverted to showing old closed account purchases. I've been on the phone for 6 hours with tier 2 and was told over a week ago tier 3 would call me back in 24-48 hours... I called after a couple days and was told they would again call in 24-48 hours... No calls..

One Tier 2 tech told me they can see somehow the 2 are linked and thus the issue yet can't fix it... I've tried all their troubleshooting (over and over and over) and have multiple open cases.... Tonight rokus started working so something must've happened but mobile phone stream apps all still show old purchases and no live tv. My phone and a couple ipads didn't work a week ago then started then stopped again for waiting for rokus to not work not consistent.
Can anyone actually fix this? It's been 10 days with no fix... I read on another forum that the app entitlements need to be refreshed but I've told that to tech support and phones still don't work...seems like an obvious issue yet no fix....

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