Streaming App issues on Samsung TV - XFinity

Has anyone else resolved the streaming issues experienced with Samsung tvs?

My Samsung tv is compatible with the app, per Xfinity. My TV is also up to date on softeware updates. I experience no issues with other streaming apps, such as Netflix, Amazon, CBS, etc.

The app constantly fails. It either won't load and just stits at the title screen, indicates my plan has no channels (not the case), or will lose connection in the middle of a show. I have gotten multiple errors but haven't thought to write them down yet.

I am beyond frustrated with this service. It shouldn't be this difficult to get streaming TV to work. For as much time as I spend trying to get the app to work, I'm beginnig to question if it is worth continuing the service.

Given there are multiple threads on the app not working with Samsunbg TVs I am hopeful someone with Comas can inform me of the fix I need to make.

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