Streaming app resets every 20 seconds on ipad4 - XFinity

This is an issue on all tregular v channels in the steaming app on ipad4 device

I can watch for perhaps 23 seconds, then the app screen goes black, shows the logo of the Chanel I am watching, with the reload symbol, and comes back on.

it will do this again in another 23 seconds, on and, on..

it makes the app unusable, and tv unwatchable.

i can watch on the Togo channels without this particular anomaly

this began about 2 weeks ago (mid July 2019). It happens on my two ipad4 devices only.

i know that xfinity is not supporting the older devices anymor, but I d wish I could download an earlier working version of this app.

it is most annoying

This question, "Streaming app resets every 20 seconds on ipad4," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television Apps.

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