Streaming box dvr ff and rw doesn't work right

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If I'm watching live tv and let's say I pause it for 10 minutes. When I come back, let's say I watch for a minute and come to a commercial. I hit fast forward. When I see the last commercial end and the show I'm watching appear on screen, I hit play. The dam.n thing jumps backwards 60 to 45 seconds into the last commercial. So I hit fast forward again and hit play again right when the show appears. It jumps backwards again back into the commercials. I have to do this over and over and finally on the 3rd try or so it will finally play exactly where I actually want it to; where I hit the play button. The same thing when rewinding. If I'm backing up and hit play it'll jump forward 60 seconds and I'll have to keep rewinding those 60 seconds 3 times or so and then it'll stop exactly where I hit play.

And it doesn't matter what speed ff or rw I use. In fact, the faster speeds are worse. A 4x ff will jump backwards 2 whole minutes when I hit play. And I have to ff those 2 minutes 3 times and then it'll play exactly where I hit it.

Why does it do this? I've been told it's assuming my reaction isn't fast enough and I'm always going to pass the point I'm looking for so it tries to help me out by backup a little.

If that's true, that's fine. It's could be smart thinking IF it were an option you could turn off and on. If your hand/eye coordination is really that bad and need it, fine. There are disabilities where this might be handy. But make it an option that can be turned off. If it can be turned off, please tell me where. I have looked in every single menu and haven't seen it.

If it isn't true that it's trying to help with reaction time, then why does it do this? It's so infuriating. It's it a flaw in the software? It makes me absolutely hate using the streaming box for anything.

"Streaming box dvr ff and rw doesn't work right," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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Not open for further replies.
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