Stuck on my old speeds when using my own router. Gigabit - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Stuck on my old speeds when using my own router. Gigabit", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I have gigabit speeds when I am hooked up to the Spectrum provided router but it does not have the Wireless strenth that my current router does. When I try to use my own router it gives me my old TWC speeds of 300/24. Do I need to clone the mac aress of my modem/router? I have been trying to troubleshoot for the last 2 days.

  1. Your location. city, state, zip. Single or multi family complex. Frisco, TX 75035 Single Family House
  2. Services you get from TWC. Gigabit
  3. Make and model of modem. Techincolor TC-4400AM
  4. Make and model of router(s). Asus RT-AC88U
  5. Firmware level in modem (or, post modem page) ?
  6. Confirm modem is Online or report otherwise. Login to your twc account and click on troubleshoot. Confirm modem with correct serial/mac has a green dot. Yes
  7. What are your purchased speeds? What are results from Spectrum speed test. down, up, ping, jitter? 1000/35, Getting 300/24 from spectrum speed test.

Rest of the questions seem pointless to me.

Stuck on my old speeds when using my own router. Gigabit?


Just because the hardwire supports 1gig speeds or the rated speed don't meen the wireless will so the same. also just because the hardwrire lan ports will handle 1gb don't meen the the incoming coax interface will. and it matters how many bonded channels a modem or modem/router supports and well as its cpu and ram and chipsets, and wireless standards it supports. And fact is no matter what you try with wireless the speeds they say the said wireless supports is a fictional lab settings speed that wont happen in the real world


try placing a wireless extender/repeater half way between you and router to extend the range. make sure you place both repeater/extender and router not to close but not so far apart that the signal degrades. packets must pass clean with quality signal from router to repeater/extender, than clean with quality signal to you. even wireless n and ac repeaters/extenders have gotten on the cheap, find a repeater that matches the best wireless type that matches your isp routers wireless.
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