Suggestions for Streaming TV subforums


I think it might be helpful, especially in the future with streaming becoming more popular, to add a few more subforums under streaming TV... with the current organization, it can sometimes be confusing (for example, a general post about Netflix could possibly be posted anywhere, because you can watch it on either Roku, Apple TV, or other devices).

I would suggest adding a subforum for each of the major services -

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Amazon
  • YouTube

(and possibly a few others, like Vudu or Redbox or Google Play, though anything not in its own forum could still just go in the general internet TV forum)

And perhaps a few more devices -

  • Phones and Tablets (could be further divided into iOS and Android)
  • Chromecast

(I don't mention things like video game consoles or DVD players because there's existing subforums for those, they're just not under streaming.)

Just a suggestion! :becky: