Summer Break

I don't know if its just me or if other parents feel this way but I'm ready for my kids to get out of school for the summer. I enjoy the summers because I don't have to wash uniforms and drop the kids off every morning. I get to sleep in most mornings and this is very important to me. I know the kids are ready too but I think I'm counting down more than they are. Is this bad? lol


I'm at home with my kids, and while we have a lot of fun during the summer, I know by the time August rolls around I'll be eager for school to start up again. The morning routine can definitely be a drag, and it's nice to have a little bit more freedom to schedule (or not) whatever activities we might like, but I'm good with them being in school for a couple of more months.


We are ready for homework to stop but my wife is not necessarily ready for the 24/7 of Summer. We love our boys and love to spend time with them but they are BOYS and only 13 months apart, so, lets just say they aren't always best friends HA! They get very competitive over pretty much everything. They argued yesterday about the oxygen production of trees vs bushes...really?....Yeah, the few hours of separation they have at school does the peace of our home WONDERS HA....
That's funny "the oxygen production of trees vs bushes". Kids are too funny. I agree a little separation is good because my three can go for hours at a time with each other.


I enjoy watching the neighbor kids play and run around the neighborhood. Reminds me of my own boys when they played until they dropped. Summers were magical times for them.