Super Bowl Party ruined



I had a few family members who were recently vaccinated at my house...seeing them for the first time in months. To our dismay, at halftime our screen pixelated and froze. I unplugged and plugged in...still the same error message. Did a system refresh...same error message. The bottom guide would display the correct information, but the picture was black with the 3 moving dots. I called the help line as a last resort and went through all the steps with the individual on the other end. After about 20 minutes of various troubleshooting tips, she had me hit (EXIT EXIT 480). When the screen came back the picture was fine. I had to manually change the resolution to 4k, and the then it was back to normal - MIDWAY THROUGH THE 4TH QUARTER!!!!!!

The girl on the phone was great. She was patient and didn't give up. I have a few questions/problems since though.

1. The Box gives the same error message every time it "Wakes up". Something along the lines of "try again later"...but the picture is fine and the cable box performs normally once exiting the error message. I'm afraid the same thing will happen again. Is this the box itself or a signal issue? I've already been through 2 of the 4k boxes already.

2. Paying over 200 a month, I expect the service to be operational during literally the most important 3 hours of football in the year. Added to the disappointment was the fact that relatives who were unable to visit before, visited and were disappointed we missed halftime and the 3rd quarter. Is there a way I can get a credit for the extremely important time that was missed during the game?

3. The biggest kick in the gut was when the Bucs scored in the 3rd quarter. I know they scored because I COULD HEAR THE CHEERING AT THE CALL CENTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To hear that then have to check my phone is unacceptable. It's an ugly look and felt like getting kicked when down.

No idea if this is the place for these questions...but I didn't see an email option.

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