Evaluation: Super Bowl Prediction

OK, the Denver Broncos are favorites over the Seattle Seahawks with an official line of -2.5. I know absolutely nothing about football, but I believe in betting against popular sentiment. I think there's too much sentiment favoring Peton Manning. I think that bias is worth about 3.5 points, so I'm picking Seattle by one (1) point. Write it down. :gramps:

I'll take the Broncos.
What about the over/under for the game? A few of the places I just checked out online have it at 47.5...
If you are a Seattle fan, I would think if the score is anywhere near that, you haven't shut Petyon down and will likely lose the game....
I'll go with the under, but still with the Broncos winning.
2014 Super Bowl final score prediction:
24- 17, Broncos winning.
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