Superbowl Commercials


Hey as we all know superbowl means -YUP you guessed it superbowl commercials. I heard this year (finally) we will see the Bud Clydesdales, now don't get me wrong I loved the frogs, and I seriously hope they don't make the clydes into that abomination called the california cow cheese commercial. But I digress

Anyway anyone that watches tell me which commercial you loved or didn't. Somewhere someone paid good money for that stuff! :thumb:


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We always see the Clydesdales. I see them all the time. Some of those commercials are darn fun. I like the dog training the colt. That was way cute. ... and I love the California cows. Kerstin is a new member.
orrymain- what do you think about the commercial with all the talk show people on the couch? was it a surprise, poor taste or actually pretty brilliant? I put my dime on brilliant
I really am starting to think that advertisers are running out of ideas, or maybe I am just getting really jaded...but there just didn't seem to be all that much exciting or groundbreaking about this years Super Bowl commercials. The past few years weren't much better either :(