Switching from Directv to Comcast



We need to switch due to impending loss of signal trying to receive a signal through neighbor's trees. I have a TV in two adjacent bedrooms, the kitchen and a downstairs family room. I have Comcast Internet service only to my home office adjacent to the family room. I use my own modem and Router. That's as far as Comcast cabling goes. For DTV, I use their Genie boxes in the bedrooms and the kitchen. The master is in the family room.

What equipment will I need at each location? I'll need to extend the Comcast cable from the office to the family room for that TV and the one in the kitchen. I'll have to look and see where I can pick up the feeds to the bedrooms. I'm just in the planning stage and any suggestions will be appreciated. I just want to try and get a clear picture of what I need. This will take some time. Any help/suggestions appreciated. All the TVs are HD. Should I be switching to X1



"Switching from Directv to Comcast," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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