The one person who I couldn't stand was Tatiana. OMG was she so annoying with her fits of crying to get her way and her laugh and her theatrics...I didn't even think it was funny it was just downright annoying. I thought when she didn't make the top 13 she was balling to the point where she couldn't stand. All the other contestants were upset but did you see them give in to their emotions like that?


Thing is, vocally I thought she was a million times better than Megan, who won the wild card over her. That's why I think the contestants are judged on more than just vocal ability. I am sure the judges knew that Tatiana was NOT going to be liked very much no matter how good of a singer she was, and that would affect the ratings. I mean she was such a drama queen that I can see lots of people not even wanting to watch the show if they had to suffer through any more of her antics.