Television shows with art related plots


What are some of your favorite television shows or movies that have a strong artistic element in the plot?

For example, in the show Switched at Birth, one of the two teenage girls who was switched - Bay - is an artist, and so are several other characters: her bio-mom Regina used to be an artist and now does interior design, her sometimes-love-interest Emmett is a photographer, and there have also been other supporting characters back and forth who have various artistic talents. Each episode title is also named after a famous work of art.

White Collar follows a con artist artist (see what I did there?) - Neal Caffrey - who begins to work with the FBI's white collar crime unit in exchange for a reduced sentence for his own crimes. Many of the cases they investigate involve art - from tracking down priceless stolen works to creating forgeries to trick, and catch, criminals.

in Orphan Black, Felix (the foster brother of Sarah, the main character who discovers she is one of many clones and gets involved in a vast conspiracy) is an artist, and is shown painting in his loft. Among other things, he paints portraits of each of the clones that he knows of.

What are some other shows where art makes more than a casual appearance?

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