Terrrain Antenna Issue

Not a regular here, just looking for some help, so thank you in advance. Tried to answer the obvious questions so this is a bit long, sorry about that.

I've been using OTA for several years. Roofers screwed up my antenna, although I attempted to repair it, and I can no longer get the 4.x or 6.x channels. TV Fool shows I am fringe for those channels due to terrain (one is 2Edge), however as I said, I was getting those channels previously. I do not believe that the repack affected those channels. No issues with the other channels, I get them through the small antenna in the pics and it is basically LOS, the antenna are combined at the mast. I wired the house with Cat5 and RG6. The coax is solid copper center and double shielded, two layers braid, two layers foil alternated. The antenna is 21.5 ft AGL. I did try different directions and heights with the repaired antenna. Rescanning the tv finds the 4.x and 6.x channels but no display. Here is my problem direction, this is 96-97 degrees mag which splits the difference between the two channels (90 and 103), yeah not friendly terrain :
I am done screwing with this setup, it's old and needs replaced. I would like recommendations for an antenna, pre-amp, combiner and distro amp. Also, should the combiner be before or after the pre-amp? Again thanks for your time.

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