Tethering cut ?!?

Straight talk has been my phone provider for 8 years now... since its prepaid and I was tethering the browser ran about 2.5 and then they decide to come out with the hot spot and data security locks...Which in a twisted way is what your downloading when you hit upgrade prl and setting or etc... But, I had used the same old Android device needed a new one and now no tethering available... anybody know anything about tethering my phones internet? to my computer? So I can save $80 for my prepaid straight talk service..(Horrible) BTW.!:cheer2::p


Depends on the phone model it is possible to root the device which would enable tethering List the phone model and Ill see what i can come up with. Most phone companys dont allow thethering by default as you need to pay an extra $10

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