'The Bachelorette' Episode 6 Recap: Drama-Filled Week With James

For this action-packed two-hour episode of "The Bachelor," Desiree and the men went to Barcelona, Spain for their week of dates. What kind of drama would ensue during their time in the beautiful country?

View attachment 2481 To start the show, Chris Harrison told the men that there would not be a cocktail hour, so to use their time wisely. The first to get that time was Drew who got the first 1-on-1. They walked the streets of Barcelona enjoying the culture and each other's company over hot chocolate and lunch. Drew told Des about his family life including his father's cancer and struggles of life. At dinner, Drew took Des away from the table and they ran to an alley somewhere in Spain and had a major make out session. After Drew got the rose, he told Des about what he had overheard James telling Mikey last week about what he was hoping to get out of the show.

For the group date, the guys met Des at the soccer stadium that Barcelona plays at. Of course, former professional soccer player Juan Pablo was set to take off, but the guys were set to play Des and a women's team from Spain. After scoring the first two goals to take the early lead, the women's team scored 10 unanswered to get the win and James' heart was questioned by the guys. Chris was the first to have alone time with Des and she read him a poem she wrote about him.

Kasey brought up the conversation that he and Drew heard the week earlier and James was adamant that he never said what they say he did. After Michael began to get confrontational about the situation, James got angry and began yelling at Kasey, Michael and Chris. When Kasey got alone time with Des, he told her more about the conversation they overheard and she became more upset about the situation. At the end of the group date, Des sent all the guys home except for James.

When Des told James about what she was told, she said that they believe what they said because she trusts them fully. He told her everything he could to make her believe him from saying the guys were threatened by him and that’s why they were saying that stuff. He blamed everything on Mikey and began crying to make Des feel sorry for him. Des then broke down in tears too they ended the night with James still being welcomed in the house. Much to the chagrin of the rest of the men, James walked back through the doors of their house.

The next morning, the guys were surprised that James was still on the show and Zak W. went off on his date with Des. For their date, Des and Zak W. were sketching a male model and then decided to draw each other before a nude male model began posing for them. After they drew the naked model, Zak W. asked Des for a minute and walked away and appeared again in his underwear, which Des enjoyed.

At the house, James wanted to speak to Drew about what he overheard. Drew told him what he heard and how he felt about it. James continued to try and tell his side of the story and make Drew change his mind about what he heard and it didn't work. When the guys got together again, James was the center of the conversation before Des came in and took James away from the group. As they found a place to talk, Des' recorded interview said that she knew she needed to send him home. After speaking with him, she changed her mind and decided to not send him home. James went back to the house and the remaining guys questioned James about his conversation and he continued to try and change his story, saying it was a win-win situation whether he wins the show or becomes the next bachelor.

At the rose ceremony, three men were going to go home. The final four men left waiting for a rose were Juan Pablo, Michael, James and Kasey. The final man to get a rose to stay on the show was Michael.