'The Bachelorette' Episode 7 Recap: Is Brooks the Favorite to Win Desiree's Heart?

With only five men left on "The Bachelorette," things were heating up in their quest to win the heart of Desiree. With just Zak W., Brooks, Michael, Chris and Drew remaining, who would reach the final four and the important hometown dates?

View attachment 2497 As they traveled to the Madeira Islands in Portugal, Jackie, Leslie and Catherine came back from last season's Bachelor traveled to speak with Des about her feelings for the men. They spoke about the guys and if she was falling in love with anyone. The first guy to get a 1-on-1 date with Des this week was Brooks. They took a drive up through the clouds and got to see all the island had to offer. At dinner, they spoke about meeting his family and how much of a big thing it was for him and he told her that he would love for her to meet them.

The second 1-on-1 date in Portugal went to Chris. As they walked away, the rest of the guys were upset about Chris getting the date on a yacht. On their date Chris and Des decided to write a poem together and put the message in a bottle and put it in the Atlantic Ocean. At dinner, Chris was trying to find a way to tell Des that he was in love with her, but got nervous. To make the process easier, he read her a poem he wrote and it ended with "I love you."

The next 1-on-1 date went to Michael and the federal prosecutor and Des enjoyed flying down the streets of Portugal in a toboggan. When they went to dinner, Michael told Des that he was waiting for his chance to have a solo date and enjoyed every minute of it. They capped their night off by making out in the middle of a street while a traditional Portuguese singer sang an emotional tune with the help of two guitarists.

For the 2-on-1 date, it was down to Zak W. and Drew. For the first time in the week, a rose was on the line in this date. The first part of the date involved the two men racing around a track in go karts. After playing around on the karts, Des challenged the men to a race and Zak W. was the winner, which earned him the first alone time with Des. Zak W. put together a series of pieces of art to depict their time together, which Des enjoyed. With Drew's alone time, he spoke about his family life and when the time to give out a rose was there, that helped Des make the decision to make him safe and give him the rose.

At the rose ceremony, with only Drew wearing a rose, one man was set to go home. The first man to get a rose was Brooks, followed by Chris, leaving just Michael and Zak W. waiting. The final rose went to Zak W., ending Michael's hopes of leaving this show with a wife.